The Many Uses for Organic Sunflower Oil

By Jackie Hartnett

The stunning presence of a sunflower, characteristic with a large flower head, defined with dark florets on the interior and yellow, spiky petals surrounding the perimeter, have long captured the attention of souls seduced by creativity and those inclined to sunny dispositions.  Throughout history, we can uncover records of the sunflower being celebrated for its visual impact, as well as the seeds of the plant being manipulated for a plethora of other uses.  We’d like to delve a little bit deeper into the many wonderful uses of the oil crushed from the seed of the sunflower plant, which range from culinary to cosmetic to medicinal.  Today, the focus is on the many uses for organic sunflower oil for different culinary applications.


Sunflower oil can be used as a healthy substitute for butter because it contains a high proportion of unsaturated fats.  In many baking recipes, this subtle, nutty flavored oil offers to complement the combined flavors of other ingredients resulting in a delicious end product, including bread, wraps and desserts. Click here for baking applications.

Culinary applications for organic sunflower oil

Sautéing and Searing

This cooking method, that requires dropping the food in a small quantity of fat in a shallow pan, is another great use for organic sunflower oil. With a smoke point of 440-450°, sunflower oil is a pantry hero for recipes that call for searing or sautéing, offering enough flavor to infuse into your recipe, without overwhelming.

Deep Frying

The deep frying method requires a high cooking temperature, with the ingredients fully submerged into a deep vat. The ideal frying temperature is between 350° to 375°F; if it’s too low, the food will stick together and turn greasy and if it’s too hot, the food will cook too quickly and burn before the inside is ready.  Organic sunflower oil is an economical option for deep frying due to its high smoke point, refined neutral flavor and re-usability. Many products are on the market that are prepared using organic sunflower oil that include potato chips, tortilla chips, and an assortment of other vegetable snacks. Click here for deep frying applications.


Cooking food quickly by cutting food into small pieces and stirring constantly in a lightly oiled wok or frying pan over high heat is the art of stir-fry. Organic sunflower oil is, again, a healthy option, especially if high oleic is used, because of the beneficial monounsaturated fats which research has shown can produce lower LDL (bad) cholesterol and triglyceride levels.


A basic marinade consists of an acid, oil, spices and herbs. The spices and herbs provide taste, the acid helps the meat absorb the marinade and the oil is for carrying the flavors throughout the marinade.  Organic refined sunflower oil is a delightful choice providing a fresh, light flavor and heart healthy benefits. Click here for marinade applications.

Salad Dressings

A delectable topping to leafy greens and other fruits, vegetables and assorted accompaniments.  To expand your repertoire, try organic sunflower oil as a base for your next salad dressing. It is an excellent source of Vitamin E which help boosts your immune system. Click here for salad dressings applications.


This Middle Eastern dish, consisting of a paste of mashed chickpeas, and a variety of other ingredients including tahini, garlic and additional seasonings is a popular and healthy, vegan dip. Paired with organic sunflower oil, hummus is a wonderful way to enjoy pita bread, vegetables and well, just about anything dippable!


This thick, white sauce commonly used in subs and sandwiches is a lunch-time staple. Organic sunflower oil offers less saturated fat and is a delicious alternative.  Click here for mayonnaise applications.

Protein Powder Drinks

Organic sunflower oil was first added to protein powders for its functionality rather than its nutritional properties.Originally, sunflower oil was added to reduce the foam produced by rice protein when mixed with liquids, as well as provide a thickening agent.  Incorporating healthy polyunsaturated fats into protein powder drinks adds to the overall nutritional benefits. Click here for protein powder applications.

Sunflower Butter Spread

With peanut allergies an all too common issue in school cafeterias, sunflower butter is an excellent option for tasty meals and snacks, spread on bread for lunch or on slices of apples for an afternoon treat, providing heart healthy benefits. Click here for sunflower butter spread applications.

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