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Certified Organic Coconut Oil RBD in Bulk



Spack produces Organic Coconut Oil RBD which is pressed from the meat of the coconut, processed and then refined. We sell this product in either steel drums or IBC totes. Because of the refining, the Organic Coconut Oil RBD does not have the typical coconut taste and smell as a Virgin Coconut Oil, leaving it as a clean product with a whitish color. Due to its high content of saturated fatty acids, primarily Lauric Acid, the oil is solid at room temperature and highly resistant to rancidity. Another Industry name for this product is 76-degree coconut oil.

One of the benefits of working with Spack is that we are in control throughout the supply chain and the production process. As a family-owned company, we deeply value our relationships with the farmers we work with. The farmers and facilities are inspected and audited to ensure compliance regulations are adhered to by an independent third party.

In order to produce such high-quality oils, we only use the finest organic raw materials from sources we trust. The coconuts we use are sourced from small-scale, certified organic farmer initiatives.

After the oil is made to our satisfaction, it is transported and stored in our local warehouse on the East-Coast of the USA. This location ensures fast turnaround times and sufficient supply of product to meet your needs and we are very competitive with our pricing.


Our wholesale Organic Coconut Oil RBD is beneficial to purchasers of food, cosmetics, cleaning supplies and nutraceutical manufacturers.

Organic Coconut Oil RBD is used for:

  • Commercial production of oven baked and fried snacks and food products.

  • Use in food, supplement and cosmetic applications.

  • Soap Manufacturing.

  • Used in formulation of cleaning products.

To review our fully owned production facility in Vietnam, please click on the link below:

Visit our Green Coco Foods website

For additional information about our wholesale Organic Coconut Oil RBD, please contact our team. We are always available to further discuss the advantages of purchasing our certified Organic Coconut Oil RBD oil in bulk.

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