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Certified Organic Sunflower Oil in Bulk



We are a family-owned company that specializes in producing certified organic sunflower oil in bulk. Spack produces Certified Organic Sunflower Oil which is cold pressed from the seeds of organically grown sunflowers. With a mild flavor and natural high content of Vitamin E and Omega 6, our Certified Organic Sunflower Oil is clear yellow in appearance and is naturally trans-fat free. Sunflower oil is available as either crude (pure) or refined. Our sunflower oil is physically refined in a certified organic bio refinery, with no chemicals used in the process. We produce linoleic, mid-oleic, and organic high oleic sunflower oil.

As organic oil manufacturers, we take pride in the fact that we maintain quality control on all of products. With the combination of high-quality sourcing and manufacturing, quality control, using only organic ingredients, wholesale offerings, and our family values, we can produce premium sunflower oil. Shipping is available in the United States and Canada. Deliveries will either arrive in a 2,028 lb. tote or 419 lb. drum. For bigger volumes, we prefer to use ISO Tanks or Flexi Tanks. We ship direct from Europe or have local stock for less than container load orders.


Our wholesale organic cold-pressed sunflower oil has many purposes and is ideal for purchasers of food, cosmetic, and nutraceutical manufacturers. Purchasing our certified organic sunflower oil in bulk is also interesting for product developers of food, cosmetic, and nutraceutical manufacturers.

Sunflower Oil is used for:

  • Baking and frying oil for industrial snack production
  • Key ingredient in dressings, sauces and mayonnaise
  • Ingredient for ready to eat meals, soups and breads 
  • A non-dairy creamer in vegan food and beverages
  • Bottled as a restaurant and home cooking oil
  • Personal care and cosmetic industry in hair and skin products

To get started, please request a quotation. By submitting a contact form, we will better understand your company and requirements. Our team is available to answer all your questions and help you with ordering our certified organic sunflower oil in bulk.

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