Project Description

Certified Organic
Sunflower Oil



Spack produces Certified Organic Sunflower Oil which is cold pressed from the seeds of organically grown sunflowers.  With a mild flavor and natural high content of Vitamin E and Omega 6, our Certified Organic Sunflower Oil is clear yellow in appearance and is naturally trans-fat free. Sunflower oil is available as either crude (pure) or refined. Our sunflower oil is physically refined in a certified organic bio refinery, with no chemicals used in the process. We produce linoleic, mid-oleic and organic high oleic sunflower oil.


Sunflower Oil is used for:

  • Baking and frying oil for industrial snack production
  • Key ingredient in dressings, sauces and mayonnaise
  • Ingredient for ready to eat meals, soups and breads 
  • A non-dairy creamer in vegan food and beverages
  • Bottled as a restaurant and home cooking oil
  • Personal care and cosmetic industry in hair and skin products

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