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Certified Organic Safflower Oil in Bulk



Spack International is an experienced producer of certified organic safflower oil in bulk. With over 40 years of experience in the business, we have developed numerous relationships with farmers and farmer cooperatives. Plus, we always carefully source all of our raw materials. For instance, our certified organic safflower seeds are harvested on the North American continent. The growers produce high quality safflower seeds. The process is further monitored by our field inspectors, ensuring a high-quality seed that complies fully with the principles of organic farming.

The safflower seeds are purchased and transported to the oil mill, where the safflower seed is pressed at a low temperature. This ensures the oil retains its maximum flavor and nutrient level.  Organic safflower oil has a golden yellow to slightly reddish color with a pleasant, light, nutty flavor.

After the production is finished, the certified organic safflower oil is kept secure in our warehouses and storage facility. As a company, we know how crucial it is to receive shipments in a timely manner, so we ship out your order fast. We ship our certified organic safflower oil in bulk across the United States and Canada. Purchasers or product developers of food and cosmetics, as well as nutraceutical manufacturers, will benefit from our wholesale oils.


Organic safflower oil is widely used in both culinary and cosmetic applications. This oil pairs perfectly with salads, dressings, and steamed vegetables.

For additional information about our wholesale safflower oil, please contact our team. We are always available to further discuss the advantages of purchasing our certified organic safflower oil in bulk.

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